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Welcome To My Home Page
Welcome everyone! This is my first website so it might be a little raggy but at least I have tried. On my site I will write mainly about games and my interests but also I will write about other items aswell. As you can see on the left, I have a home page, Whats New page etc. So you will be very busy looking through my site.
My main interest
As I said, the main subjects of my site are games and other things, but I will mainly look upon games because that is probably my fave thing to do. I own an N64, PS1 and a computer and I have a lot of games on all of these. I mainly play on the N64 but I most enjoy the computer because I like searching the net and playing the cool games on it. Also I have a game boy but I don't spend that much time on it except for when I go on holiday. My brother is probably the computer wizz in the family and he teaches me stuff like progaming and other things like that.
Subjetcs that will pop up on my web-site
On my site you will probably come across all the items on the left but the question is what those pages consist. On the news page I will keep you updated with all the latest news that is in the world. On the About Page I will basically wright about me and this website. On the links page, I will list some of my fave web pages for you to visit.

E-mail me
When you have read my site, you might have a hundred and one thoughts to ask me so just click below and e-mail me.

Keep On Reading!
Well then, that's my introduction finished so just read on.